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Interface WorkflowExecutionInfo

Contains information about a workflow execution.


  • WorkflowExecutionInfo



Optional cancelRequested

cancelRequested: undefined | false | true

Set to true if a cancellation is requested for this workflow execution.

Optional closeStatus

closeStatus: CloseStatus | string

If the execution status is closed then this specifies how the execution was closed:

  • COMPLETED – the execution was successfully completed.

  • CANCELED – the execution was canceled.Cancellation allows the implementation to gracefully clean up before the execution is closed.

  • TERMINATED – the execution was force terminated.

  • FAILED – the execution failed to complete.

  • TIMED_OUT – the execution did not complete in the alloted time and was automatically timed out.

  • CONTINUED_AS_NEW – the execution is logically continued. This means the current execution was completed and a new execution was started to carry on the workflow.

Optional closeTimestamp

closeTimestamp: Date

The time when the workflow execution was closed. Set only if the execution status is CLOSED.


execution: WorkflowExecution | undefined

The workflow execution this information is about.


executionStatus: ExecutionStatus | string | undefined

The current status of the execution.

Optional parent

If this workflow execution is a child of another execution then contains the workflow execution that started this execution.


startTimestamp: Date | undefined

The time when the execution was started.

Optional tagList

tagList: string[]

The list of tags associated with the workflow execution. Tags can be used to identify and list workflow executions of interest through the visibility APIs. A workflow execution can have a maximum of 5 tags.


workflowType: WorkflowType | undefined

The type of the workflow execution.