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Interface CreateScheduledQueryRequest




Optional ClientToken

ClientToken: undefined | string

Using a ClientToken makes the call to CreateScheduledQuery idempotent, in other words, making the same request repeatedly will produce the same result. Making multiple identical CreateScheduledQuery requests has the same effect as making a single request.

  • If CreateScheduledQuery is called without a ClientToken, the Query SDK generates a ClientToken on your behalf.

  • After 8 hours, any request with the same ClientToken is treated as a new request.


ErrorReportConfiguration: ErrorReportConfiguration | undefined

Configuration for error reporting. Error reports will be generated when a problem is encountered when writing the query results.

Optional KmsKeyId

KmsKeyId: undefined | string

The Amazon KMS key used to encrypt the scheduled query resource, at-rest. If the Amazon KMS key is not specified, the scheduled query resource will be encrypted with a Timestream owned Amazon KMS key. To specify a KMS key, use the key ID, key ARN, alias name, or alias ARN. When using an alias name, prefix the name with alias/

If ErrorReportConfiguration uses SSE_KMS as encryption type, the same KmsKeyId is used to encrypt the error report at rest.


Name: string | undefined

Name of the scheduled query.


NotificationConfiguration: NotificationConfiguration | undefined

Notification configuration for the scheduled query. A notification is sent by Timestream when a query run finishes, when the state is updated or when you delete it.


QueryString: string | undefined

The query string to run. Parameter names can be specified in the query string @ character followed by an identifier. The named Parameter @scheduled_runtime is reserved and can be used in the query to get the time at which the query is scheduled to run.

The timestamp calculated according to the ScheduleConfiguration parameter, will be the value of @scheduled_runtime paramater for each query run. For example, consider an instance of a scheduled query executing on 2021-12-01 00:00:00. For this instance, the @scheduled_runtime parameter is initialized to the timestamp 2021-12-01 00:00:00 when invoking the query.


ScheduleConfiguration: ScheduleConfiguration | undefined

The schedule configuration for the query.


ScheduledQueryExecutionRoleArn: string | undefined

The ARN for the IAM role that Timestream will assume when running the scheduled query.

Optional Tags

Tags: Tag[]

A list of key-value pairs to label the scheduled query.

Optional TargetConfiguration

TargetConfiguration: TargetConfiguration

Configuration used for writing the result of a query.