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Interface MixedMeasureMapping

MixedMeasureMappings are mappings that can be used to ingest data into a mixture of narrow and multi measures in the derived table.


  • MixedMeasureMapping



Optional MeasureName

MeasureName: undefined | string

Refers to the value of measure_name in a result row. This field is required if MeasureNameColumn is provided.


MeasureValueType: MeasureValueType | string | undefined

Type of the value that is to be read from sourceColumn. If the mapping is for MULTI, use MeasureValueType.MULTI.

Optional MultiMeasureAttributeMappings

MultiMeasureAttributeMappings: MultiMeasureAttributeMapping[]

Required when measureValueType is MULTI. Attribute mappings for MULTI value measures.

Optional SourceColumn

SourceColumn: undefined | string

This field refers to the source column from which measure-value is to be read for result materialization.

Optional TargetMeasureName

TargetMeasureName: undefined | string

Target measure name to be used. If not provided, the target measure name by default would be measure-name if provided, or sourceColumn otherwise.