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Interface Result

The result of transcribing a portion of the input audio stream.


  • Result



Optional Alternatives

Alternatives: Alternative[]

A list of possible transcriptions for the audio. Each alternative typically contains one item that contains the result of the transcription.

Optional ChannelId

ChannelId: undefined | string

When channel identification is enabled, Amazon Transcribe transcribes the speech from each audio channel separately.

You can use ChannelId to retrieve the transcription results for a single channel in your audio stream.

Optional EndTime

EndTime: undefined | number

The offset in seconds from the beginning of the audio stream to the end of the result.

Optional IsPartial

IsPartial: undefined | false | true

Amazon Transcribe divides the incoming audio stream into segments at natural points in the audio. Transcription results are returned based on these segments.

The IsPartial field is true to indicate that Amazon Transcribe has additional transcription data to send, false to indicate that this is the last transcription result for the segment.

Optional LanguageCode

LanguageCode: LanguageCode | string

The language code of the identified language in your media stream.

Optional LanguageIdentification

LanguageIdentification: LanguageWithScore[]

The language code of the dominant language identified in your media.

Optional ResultId

ResultId: undefined | string

A unique identifier for the result.

Optional StartTime

StartTime: undefined | number

The offset in seconds from the beginning of the audio stream to the beginning of the result.