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New API Documentation - Developer Preview Available

We are excited to announce the developer preview of our new API documentation for AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. Please follow instructions on the landing page to leave us your feedback.

Interface StartMedicalStreamTranscriptionCommandInputProtected



AudioStream: undefined | AsyncIterable<AudioStream>

An encoded stream of audio blobs. Audio streams are encoded as either HTTP/2 or WebSocket data frames.

For more information, see Transcribing streaming audio.

ContentIdentificationType?: string

Labels all personal health information (PHI) identified in your transcript.

Content identification is performed at the segment level; PHI is flagged upon complete transcription of an audio segment.

For more information, see Identifying personal health information (PHI) in a transcription.

EnableChannelIdentification?: boolean

Enables channel identification in multi-channel audio.

Channel identification transcribes the audio on each channel independently, then appends the output for each channel into one transcript.

If you have multi-channel audio and do not enable channel identification, your audio is transcribed in a continuous manner and your transcript is not separated by channel.

For more information, see Transcribing multi-channel audio.

LanguageCode: undefined | string

Specify the language code that represents the language spoken in your audio.

Amazon Transcribe Medical only supports US English (en-US).

MediaEncoding: undefined | string

Specify the encoding used for the input audio. Supported formats are:

  • FLAC

  • OPUS-encoded audio in an Ogg container

  • PCM (only signed 16-bit little-endian audio formats, which does not include WAV)

For more information, see Media formats.

MediaSampleRateHertz: undefined | number

The sample rate of the input audio (in hertz). Amazon Transcribe Medical supports a range from 16,000 Hz to 48,000 Hz. Note that the sample rate you specify must match that of your audio.

NumberOfChannels?: number

Specify the number of channels in your audio stream. Up to two channels are supported.

SessionId?: string

Specify a name for your transcription session. If you don't include this parameter in your request, Amazon Transcribe Medical generates an ID and returns it in the response.

You can use a session ID to retry a streaming session.

ShowSpeakerLabel?: boolean

Enables speaker partitioning (diarization) in your transcription output. Speaker partitioning labels the speech from individual speakers in your media file.

For more information, see Partitioning speakers (diarization).

Specialty: undefined | string

Specify the medical specialty contained in your audio.

Type: undefined | string

Specify the type of input audio. For example, choose DICTATION for a provider dictating patient notes and CONVERSATION for a dialogue between a patient and a medical professional.

VocabularyName?: string

Specify the name of the custom vocabulary that you want to use when processing your transcription. Note that vocabulary names are case sensitive.