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Interface UpgradeLensReviewCommandInput




Optional ClientRequestToken

ClientRequestToken: undefined | string

A unique case-sensitive string used to ensure that this request is idempotent (executes only once).

You should not reuse the same token for other requests. If you retry a request with the same client request token and the same parameters after it has completed successfully, the result of the original request is returned.

This token is listed as required, however, if you do not specify it, the Amazon Web Services SDKs automatically generate one for you. If you are not using the Amazon Web Services SDK or the CLI, you must provide this token or the request will fail.


LensAlias: string | undefined

The alias of the lens.

For Amazon Web Services official lenses, this is either the lens alias, such as serverless, or the lens ARN, such as arn:aws:wellarchitected:us-west-2::lens/serverless.

For custom lenses, this is the lens ARN, such as arn:aws:wellarchitected:us-east-1:123456789012:lens/my-lens.

Each lens is identified by its LensSummary$LensAlias.


MilestoneName: string | undefined

The name of the milestone in a workload.

Milestone names must be unique within a workload.


WorkloadId: string | undefined

The ID assigned to the workload. This ID is unique within an Amazon Web Services Region.