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Module @aws-sdk/signature-v4-multi-region


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An internal package


You probably shouldn't, at least directly.

This package contains optional dependency @aws-sdk/signature-v4-crt. You need to install this package explicitly to sign an un-regional request using SigV4a algorithm. The package contains Node.js native implementation which requires building at installation. The installed package MAY NOT work if the instance building the package runs a different operating system than the instance running the application.

The @aws-sdk/signature-v4-crt is only supported in Node.js currently because it depends on a native dependency.

Please refer to this issue for more information.


This package provides a SigV4-compatible request signer that wraps a pure-JS SigV4 signer (@aws-sdk/signature-v4) for regional requests, and attempts to call a native implementation of SigV4a signer(@aws-sdk/signature-v4-crt) it the request is not regional.

An un-regional request is identified by the signingRegion parameter. A region is un-regional if the signingRegion parameter is set to *.



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