Assign a qualification to a Worker - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Assign a qualification to a Worker

This section shows how to assign a qualification type to a Worker. You must first create a qualification type before you can assign the type to a Worker. For information about creating qualification types, see Managing qualification types.

To assign a qualification type to a Worker

  1. On the Mechanical Turk Requester website at, choose the Manage tab and then choose Workers.

  2. On the Manage Workers page, choose the Worker ID of the Worker you want to assign a qualification type to.

  3. On the Manage Individual Worker page, choose Assign Qualification Type.

  4. On the Assign Qualification Type page, select the check boxes next to the qualification types you want to assign to the Worker.

  5. In the Score text box that appears beneath each selected qualification type, enter a score (0 to 100) and choose Assign. Use scores to differentiate Workers that have the same Qualification Type. The Worker's qualification appears at the bottom of the window.

  6. In the Score column, choose the edit link to change the qualification score.