Amazon Mechanical Turk
Requester UI Guide (API Version 2017-01-17)

Displaying Batch Progress, Details, and Results

The following procedure describes how to display information related to your batches.

To display the batch progress, details, and results

  1. On the Mechanical Turk Requester website, click the Manage tab and then click Results.

    Under Manage Batches, you'll see headings for batches in different states.

  2. Under Manage Batches, click the arrow next to the batch state you want to view.

    The batches in that state appear.

    The progress bar shows two quantities:

    • % submitted—Percentage of completed HITs

    • % published—Percentage of published HITs in your batch

      Most batches publish quickly, but extremely large batches can take several minutes to publish.

  3. Click the name of the batch you want to view.

    The Batch Details page appears.

    This page contains all of the batch properties you entered when you created this batch.

  4. Click Results to see the submissions for the assignments in the batch.

    The Review Results page appears. This page shows detailed information about the HIT results, such as the Worker who completed the HIT, the Worker's approval rating, and the Worker's submission for your HITs.