Managing Worker details offline - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Managing Worker details offline

If you have a large number of Workers, it's easier to manage them offline using another application, such as Microsoft Excel. This section shows how to download Worker information, edit it, and upload it.

To download and modify Worker details

  1. On the Mechanical Turk Requester website at, choose the Manage tab and then choose Workers.

  2. On the Manage Workers page, choose Download CSV. A Generating Workers Results page may temporarily appear while your CSV is generated.

  3. On the Download Workers Results page, a dialog box appears when your CSV is ready. choose the word here in the first sentence to download the Worker data file.

  4. The Worker data downloads and opens in Microsoft Excel. The CURRENT-QualName column shows the Worker's current qualification score. If the cell is blank, you haven't assigned the qualification type to the Worker. The far-right column, CURRENT BlockStatus, shows the Worker's block status.

  5. To update the values, do one or more of the following:

    • Indicate which qualification type to assign a Worker by putting a qualification score in the UPDATE-QualName column. For example, UPDATE-Good Tagger. Qualification scores must be 0 to 100, inclusive.

    • To revoke the qualification type, enter Revoke in the UPDATE column for your qualification type.

    • Block or unblock a worker by entering Block or Unblock in the UPDATE-BlockStatus column.

  6. Save the .csv and choose Workers.

  7. On the Manage Workers page, choose Upload CSV.

  8. In the Manage Workers Offline window, choose Choose File to find the .csv file you saved, and then choose Upload CSV.

  9. In the Processing File window, review the details about the changes you've made, and then choose Yes to confirm that you would like to save the changes for your Workers.

  10. If your changes to not appear on the Manage Workers page, refresh the page to view your changes.