Publish a batch of HITs - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Publish a batch of HITs

Publishing your HITs on the Amazon Mechanical Turk web page provides Workers with the opportunity to work on them. If your project template contains variables, you must upload the .csv data file that supplies the values for the variables in each HIT before you can publish your batch of HITs.

The following procedure describes how to publish an Amazon Mechanical Turk batch using an existing project.

To publish a batch
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Mechanical Turk Requester website at

  2. Choose the Create tab and then choose New Batch with an Existing Project.

  3. Under Start a New Batch with an Existing Project, choose Publish Batch to publish the batch for your project. If you want to make edits to your project before publishing a new batch, click Edit to make changes to the HIT properties or design layout.

  4. If your project template contains variables, choose a .csv file to upload. In Publish Batch, choose Choose File to locate the .csv data file and then choose Upload.

  5. After you upload your file, choose Next to preview your HITs to see how they'll appear to Workers.

  6. On the Preview HITs page, carefully review your HITs and correct mistakes before publishing. For example, make sure that any variables in the HIT are correctly replaced by your input data. Choose Next HIT to preview the next HIT. You can preview up to 200 HITs in your data file.

  7. After you finish reviewing your HITs, choose Next.

  8. Review the information on the Confirm and Publish Batch page, which shows the total amount you will pay Workers and Mechanical Turk Mechanical Turk if you approve all of the assignments. The following table explains the sections of the Confirm and Publish Batch page.

    Section Description
    Batch Properties Contains the values that you set on the Design tab for the batch properties, including the number of days the batch can exist before expiring, and the number of days you have to reject an assignment submitted by a Worker before the assignment is auto-approved and the Worker is paid.
    Tasks Calculates the number of assignments per batch.

    Cost Summary

    Calculates the cost of the batch assuming you approve all assignments. The total cost is the number of assignments multiplied by the price per assignment plus the Mechanical Turk fee. You must have enough money in your account to cover the total cost before you can publish the HIT. If you don't, you'll be asked to add money to your account.
  9. If you haven't already entered a payment method, enter it in Payment Method.

  10. Choose Purchase & Publish to publish the batch of HITs.

After your batch has been published, you can track its progress in the Manage section of the Mechanical Turk Requester console. For more information about managing batches, see Manage batches.