Approve previously rejected assignments - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Approve previously rejected assignments

You can approve previously rejected assignments to reverse any rejections you might make by mistake. It is important to make sure that all acceptable work is approved to ensure a good reputation with Workers.

You can only approve previously rejected assignments that were submitted within the previous 30 days and only if the assignment's related Human Intelligence Task (HIT) has not been disposed.

To approve previously rejected assignments

  1. On the Mechanical Turk Requester website at, choose the Manage tab and then choose Results.

  2. Under Manage Batches, choose the arrow next to Batches already reviewed.

  3. Choose Results on the batch that contains the previously rejected assignments that you want to approve.

  4. On the Review Results page for the batch that contains the rejected assignments you want to approve, choose Download CSV. If you have not downloaded a results .csv file before, you can follow the detailed steps described in Download and review assignments.

  5. In the downloaded .csv file, mark an assignment as approved by putting an x in the Approve column and remove the text from the Reject column.

  6. After you mark the rejected assignments for approval, save the file, and then upload the modified .csv file by choosing Upload CSV on the Review Results page for the batch. If you have not uploaded a modified results .csv file before, you can follow the steps in Upload reviewed results.

  7. When you're asked to confirm your approval choices, choose Yes to confirm the approval of the assignments, which approves the assignments, pays the Workers, and updates the Workers' HITs submitted statistics.

Approving a rejected assignment initiates two payments from your Requester account: one payment to the Worker who submitted the results for the reward amount specified in the HIT and one payment for Mechanical Turk fees. For the operation to succeed, you must have sufficient funds in your account to pay the Worker and the fees.

If your HITs were created using the Mechanical Turk API, you can approve a previously rejected assignment using the ApproveRejectedAssignment operation.