Amazon Mechanical Turk
Requester UI Guide (API Version 2017-01-17)

Viewing Worker Statistics

Mechanical Turk enables you to view a Worker's statistics, which characterize what the Worker is good at.

To view a Worker's statistics

  1. On the Mechanical Turk Requester website, click the Manage tab and then click Workers.

    The Manage Workers page appears.

    The Block Status column can have the following values:

    • Never Blocked — Worker has never been blocked you

    • Blocked — Worker is not allowed to work for you

    • Unblocked — Worker was blocked by you at one time, but no longer is

  2. To take a specific action on an individual Worker, click a Worker ID.

    The Manage Individual Worker appears.

    On this page you can view the Worker's approval rating, as well as the number of assignments you approved and rejected.