View Worker statistics - Amazon Mechanical Turk

View Worker statistics

Mechanical Turk enables you to view a Worker's statistics, which characterize what the Worker is good at.

To view a Worker's statistics
  1. On the Mechanical Turk Requester website at, choose the Manage tab and then choose Workers.

  2. On the Manage Workers page, the Block Status column can have the following values:

    • Never Blocked – Worker has never been blocked you.

    • Blocked – Worker is not allowed to work for you.

    • Unblocked – Worker was blocked by you at one time, but is no longer blocked.

  3. To take a specific action on an individual Worker, choose a Worker ID.

  4. On the Manage Individual Worker page, you can view the Worker's approval rating, in addition to the number of assignments you approved and rejected in the last 7 days, 30 days, or for all time (Lifetime).