Message - Amazon Simple Queue Service


An Amazon SQS message.



A map of the attributes requested in ReceiveMessage to their respective values. Supported attributes:

  • ApproximateReceiveCount

  • ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp

  • MessageDeduplicationId

  • MessageGroupId

  • SenderId

  • SentTimestamp

  • SequenceNumber

ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp and SentTimestamp are each returned as an integer representing the epoch time in milliseconds.

Type: String to string map

Valid Keys: All | SenderId | SentTimestamp | ApproximateReceiveCount | ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp | SequenceNumber | MessageDeduplicationId | MessageGroupId | AWSTraceHeader | DeadLetterQueueSourceArn

Required: No


The message's contents (not URL-encoded).

Type: String

Required: No


An MD5 digest of the non-URL-encoded message body string.

Type: String

Required: No


An MD5 digest of the non-URL-encoded message attribute string. You can use this attribute to verify that Amazon SQS received the message correctly. Amazon SQS URL-decodes the message before creating the MD5 digest. For information about MD5, see RFC1321.

Type: String

Required: No


Each message attribute consists of a Name, Type, and Value. For more information, see Amazon SQS message attributes in the Amazon SQS Developer Guide.

Type: String to MessageAttributeValue object map

Required: No


A unique identifier for the message. A MessageIdis considered unique across all AWS accounts for an extended period of time.

Type: String

Required: No


An identifier associated with the act of receiving the message. A new receipt handle is returned every time you receive a message. When deleting a message, you provide the last received receipt handle to delete the message.

Type: String

Required: No

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