Tutorial: Adding permissions to an Amazon SQS queue - Amazon Simple Queue Service

Tutorial: Adding permissions to an Amazon SQS queue

You can specify to whom you allow (or explicitly deny) the ability to interact with your queue in specific ways by adding permissions to a queue. The following example shows how to add the permission for anyone to get a queue's URL.


An Amazon SQS policy can have a maximum of 7 actions.

AWS Management Console

  1. Sign in to the Amazon SQS console.

  2. From the queue list, select a queue.

  3. From Queue Actions, select Add a Permission.

    The Add a Permission dialog box is displayed.

  4. In this example, you allow anyone to get the queue's URL:

    Ensure that next to Effect, Allow is selected.

    Next to Principal, check the Everybody box.

    From the Actions drop-down list, select GetQueueUrl box.

    Choose Add Permission.

    The permission is added to the queue.

    Your queues' policy Effect, Principals, Actions, and Conditions are displayed on your queue's Permissions tab.