Additional identifiers for Amazon SQS FIFO queues - Amazon Simple Queue Service

Additional identifiers for Amazon SQS FIFO queues

For more information about the following identifiers, see Exactly-once processing and the Amazon Simple Queue Service API Reference.

Message deduplication ID

The token used for deduplication of sent messages. If a message with a particular message deduplication ID is sent successfully, any messages sent with the same message deduplication ID are accepted successfully but aren't delivered during the 5-minute deduplication interval.

Message group ID

The tag that specifies that a message belongs to a specific message group. Messages that belong to the same message group are always processed one by one, in a strict order relative to the message group (however, messages that belong to different message groups might be processed out of order).

Sequence number

The large, non-consecutive number that Amazon SQS assigns to each message.