Alexa Top Sites
Developer Guide

Alexa Top Sites - Making Requests

This chapter describes how to authenticate and send requests to Alexa Top Sites.

How to Make Requests to Alexa Top Sites

  1. Sign up for an Amazon AWS account at

  2. Create an IAM user

  3. Create a Customer Managed Policy

    1. Select the JSON tab in the Policy Editor

    2. If the following message box appears, you may safely close it. We are working to remove this false warning message.

      [Policy Warning]
    3. Paste the following in the editor window.

    4. {
          "Version": "2012-10-17",
          "Statement": [
                  "Effect": "Allow",
                  "Action": [
                  "Resource": [
    5. Click Review Policy. In the Review Policy window, assign a Name to the policy and Click Create Policy.

      The following warning message can be safely ignored.

      [Policy Warning]

      [Policy Warning]

  4. Assign the previous execution policy for the service to the user created above.

  5. Get the IAM access keys from the IAM user management console page of the Amazon AWS portal.

  6. Download one of the code samples from the Resource Center.

  7. Follow the instructions in the README file to:

    • Paste your access keys into the code.

    • Execute the code sample.