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Alexa Top Sites - Batch Requests

A batch request is similar to a regular query request, except that it allows multiple service calls, or sub-requests, to be sent in one request. Batch requests save on network latency time.

[Note] Note

Batch requests save time, not money -- they are billed as though each sub-request was made separately.

All parameters except the core Top Sites parameter (Action) are batched according to the following rules:

  • If a query request contains at least one parameter of the format [ActionName].[integer].[ParameterName], it is a batched request. (example: TopSites.1.CountryCode).

  • The numbers for the request params must be contiguous (i.e. if TopSites.3.CountryCode is present, TopSites.1.CountryCode and TopSites.2.CountryCode are required as well).

  • To save on typing, batched requests are allowed to have shared parameters. These are the parameters that have the same value for all the batch sub-requests. Shared parameters have the form [ActionName].Shared.[ParameterName] (example: TopSites.Shared.ResponseGroup). Short-hand form of Shared.[ParameterName] is supported as well.

  • Up to 5 service calls can be batched at a time in a single request. If more service calls are needed, they must be divided into multiple batch requests.

  • All service calls within a single batch request must be of the same Action type. You cannot mix different actions in a single batch request.

Sample Batch Request
    &TopSites.1.CountryCode=[query #1]
    &TopSites.2.CountryCode=[query #2]
    &TopSites.3.CountryCode=[query #3]