Amazon CloudFront
Developer Guide (API Version 2016-09-29)

Actions You Can Use with Distributions

The following table lists the CloudFront actions that you can take to work with distributions and provides links to the corresponding documentation on how to do the actions with the CloudFront console and the CloudFront API.

Action Using the CloudFront Console Using the CloudFront API: Web Distributions Using the CloudFront API: RTMP Distributions

Create a distribution

Web Distributions: See Steps for Creating a Distribution (Overview)

RTMP Distributions: See Task List for Streaming Media Files Using RTMP

Go to CreateDistribution

Go to CreateStreamingDistribution

List your distributions

See Updating a Distribution

Go to ListDistributions

Go to ListStreamingDistributions

Get all information about a distribution

See Updating a Distribution

Go to GetDistribution

Go to GetStreamingDistribution

Get the distribution configuration

See Updating a Distribution

Go to GetDistributionConfig

Go to GetStreamingDistributionConfig

Update a distribution

See Updating a Distribution

Go to UpdateDistribution

Go to UpdateStreamingDistribution

Delete a distribution

See Deleting a Distribution

Go to DeleteDistribution

Go to DeleteStreamingDistribution