DescribeInsightRules - Amazon CloudWatch


Returns a list of all the Contributor Insights rules in your account.

For more information about Contributor Insights, see Using Contributor Insights to Analyze High-Cardinality Data.

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.


The maximum number of results to return in one operation. If you omit this parameter, the default of 500 is used.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 500.

Required: No


Include this value, if it was returned by the previous operation, to get the next set of rules.

Type: String

Required: No

Response Elements

The following elements are returned by the service.


The rules returned by the operation.

Type: Array of InsightRule objects


If this parameter is present, it is a token that marks the start of the next batch of returned results.

Type: String


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


The next token specified is invalid.

HTTP Status Code: 400

See Also

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