Amazon CloudWatch
API Reference (API Version 2010-08-01)


This structure defines the metric to be returned, along with the statistics, period, and units.



The metric to return, including the metric name, namespace, and dimensions.

Type: Metric object

Required: Yes


The period, in seconds, to use when retrieving the metric.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 1.

Required: Yes


The statistic to return. It can include any CloudWatch statistic or extended statistic.

Type: String

Required: Yes


The unit to use for the returned data points.

Type: String

Valid Values: Seconds | Microseconds | Milliseconds | Bytes | Kilobytes | Megabytes | Gigabytes | Terabytes | Bits | Kilobits | Megabits | Gigabits | Terabits | Percent | Count | Bytes/Second | Kilobytes/Second | Megabytes/Second | Gigabytes/Second | Terabytes/Second | Bits/Second | Kilobits/Second | Megabits/Second | Gigabits/Second | Terabits/Second | Count/Second | None

Required: No

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