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Using Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor with Amazon EventBridge

The health events that Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor creates for networking issues are published with Amazon EventBridge, so that you can send notifications about any degradation in end users' experience for your application.

To use EventBridge to work with Internet Monitor health events, follow the guidance here.

To set up a rule for Internet Monitor in EventBridge
  1. In the AWS Management Console, in EventBridge, choose Rules, then enter a name and a description. Create the rule on the Default event bus.

  2. In Step 2, select Other for the event source, and then, under Event pattern, match the following source.

    { "source": ["aws.internetmonitor"] }
  3. In Step 3, for the target, select AWS Service and CloudWatch Logs Group, then select an existing log group or create a new one.

  4. Add any desired tags, and then create the rule. This should populate your selected CloudWatch Logs Group with events from EventBridge.

For more information about how EventBridge rules work with event patterns, see Amazon EventBridge event patterns in the Amazon EventBridge User Guide.