Viewing Canary Statistics and Details - Amazon CloudWatch

Viewing Canary Statistics and Details

You can view details about your canaries and see statistics about their runs.

To be able to see all the details about your canary run results, you must be logged on to an account that has sufficient permissions. For more information, see Required Roles and Permissions for CloudWatch Canaries.

You can also view CloudWatch metrics created by your canaries. These metrics are in the CloudWatchSynthetics namespace. The metrics have the names SuccessPercent, Failed, and Duration. These metrics have CanaryName as a dimension. Canaries that check a GUI workflow also have StepName as a dimension.

For more information about viewing CloudWatch metrics, see Viewing Available Metrics,

To view canary statistics and details

  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Canaries.

    In the details about the canaries that you have created:

    • Status visually shows how many of your canaries have passed their most recent runs.

    • In the graph under Canary runs, each point represents one minute of your canaries’ runs. You can pause on a point to see details.

  3. To see more details about a single canary, choose a point in the Status graph or choose the name of the canary in the Canaries table.

    In the details about that canary:

    • Under Canary runs, you can choose one of the lines to see details about that run.

    • Under the graph, you can choose Screenshot, HAR file, or Logs to see these types of details.

      The logs for canary runs are stored in S3 buckets and in CloudWatch Logs.

      Screenshots show how your customers view your web pages. You can use the HAR files (HTTP Archive files) to view detailed performance data about the web pages. You can analyze the list of web requests and catch performance issues such as time to load for an item. Log files show the record of interactions between the canary run and the web page and can be used to identify details of errors.