View overall service activity and operational health with the Services page - Amazon CloudWatch

View overall service activity and operational health with the Services page

Application Signals is in preview release for Amazon CloudWatch and is subject to change.

Use the Services page to see a list of your services that are enabled for Application Signals. You can also view operational metrics and quickly see which services have unhealthy service level indicators (SLIs). Drill down to look for performance anomalies as you identify the root cause of operational issues. To view this page, open the CloudWatch console and choose Services under the Application Signals section in the left navigation pane.

Explore operational health metrics for your services

The top of the Services page includes an overall service operational health graph and several tables displaying top services and service dependencies by fault rate. The Services graph on the left displays a breakdown of the number of services that have healthy or unhealthy service level indicators (SLIs) during the current page-level time filter. SLIs can monitor latency, availability, and other operational metrics.

The two tables next to the graph display a list of top services by fault rate. Choose any service name in either table to open a service detail page and see detailed service operation details. Choose a dependency path to open the detail page and see service dependency details. Both tables display information for up to the past three hours, even if a longer time period filter is chosen at the top right of the page.

        CloudWatch Services top graphs

Monitor operational health with the Services table

The Services table displays a list of your services that have been enabled for Application Signals. Choose Enable Application Signals to open a setup page and start configuring your services. For more information, see Enable Application Signals.

Filter the Services table to make it easier to find what you're looking for, by choosing one or more properties from the filter text box. As you choose each property, you are guided through filter criteria. You will see the complete filter below the filter text box. Choose Clear filters at any time to remove the table filter.

        CloudWatch Services table

Choose the name of any service in the table to view a service detail page containing service-level metrics, operations, and additional details. If you have associated the service's underlying compute resource with an application in AppRegistry or the Applications card on the AWS Management Console home page, choose the application name to display the application details in the myApplications console page. For services hosted in Amazon EKS, choose any link within the Hosted in column to view Cluster, Namespace, or Workload within CloudWatch Container Insights. For services running on Amazon ECS or Amazon EC2, the Environment value is shown.

Service level indicator (SLI) status is displayed for each service in the table. Choose the SLI status for a service to display a pop-up containing a link to any unhealthy SLIs, and a link to see all SLOs for the service.

        Service with unhealthy SLI

If no SLOs have been created for a service, choose the Create SLO button within the SLI Status column. To create additional SLOs for any service, select the option button next to the service name, and then choose Create SLO at the top-right of the table. When you create SLOs, you can see at a glance which of your services and operations are performing well and which are unhealthy. See service level objectives (SLOs) for more information.

View top operation and dependency metrics

Below the Services table, you can view top operations and dependencies across all services by call volume, faults, and latency. This set of graphs gives you critical information about which operations or dependencies may be unhealthy across all services. Choose any point in a graph to see a pop-up containing more detailed series information. Hover over the series descriptions at the bottom of a graph to see a pop-up containing detailed metrics for a specific operation or dependency path. Select the context menu button at the top-right corner of a graph to see additional options, including viewing CloudWatch metrics or logs pages.

        Top operation and dependency graphs