Amazon CloudWatch
User Guide

Add or Remove a Graph from a CloudWatch Dashboard

You can add graphs containing one or more metrics to your dashboard for the resources you monitor. You can remove the graphs when they're no longer needed.

To add a graph to a dashboard

  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Dashboards and select a dashboard.

  3. Choose Add widget.

  4. Choose either Line or Stacked area, and then choose Configure.

  5. In the All metrics tab, select the metrics to graph.

  6. (Optional) As you choose metrics to graph, you can change their color on the graph. To do so, choose Graphed metrics and select the color square next to the metric to display a color picker box. Choose another color square in the color picker, and then click outside the color picker to see your new color on the graph. Alternatively, in the color picker, you can type the six-digit standard HTML hex color code for the color you want and press ENTER.

  7. (Optional) To view more information about the metric being graphed, hover over the legend.

  8. (Optional) To change the widget type, hover over the title area of the graph and choose Widget actions, Widget type.

  9. (Optional) To change the statistic used for a metric, choose Graphed metrics, Statistic, and select the statistic you want to use. For more information, see Statistics.

  10. (Optional) To change the time range shown on the graph, choose either custom at the top of the graph, or one of the time periods to the left of custom.

  11. (Optional) Horizontal annotations can help dashboard users quickly see when a metric has spiked to a certain level, or whether the metric is within a predefined range. To add a horizontal annotation, choose Graph options, Add horizontal annotation:

    1. For Label, type a label for the annotation.

    2. For Value, type the metric value where the horizontal annotation appears.

    3. For Fill, specify whether to use fill shading with this annotation. For example, choose Above or Below for the corresponding area to be filled. If you specify Between, another Value field appears, and the area of the graph between the two values is filled.

    4. For Axis, specify whether the numbers in Value refer to the metric associated with the left Y-axis or the right Y-axis, if the graph includes multiple metrics.

      You can change the fill color of an annotation by choosing the color square in the left column of the annotation.

    Repeat these steps to add multiple horizontal annotations to the same graph.

    To hide an annotation, clear the checkbox in the left column for that annotation.

    To delete an annotation, choose x in the Actions column.

  12. Choose Create widget.

  13. Choose Save dashboard.

To remove a graph from a dashboard

  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Dashboards and select a dashboard.

  3. Hover over the title of the graph and choose Widget actions, Delete.

  4. Choose Save dashboard. If you attempt to navigate away from the dashboard before you save your changes, you are prompted to either save or discard your changes.