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AWS Billing and Cost Management Dimensions and Metrics

The AWS Billing and Cost Management service sends metrics to CloudWatch. For more information, see Monitoring Charges with Alerts and Notifications in the AWS Billing and Cost Management User Guide.

AWS Billing and Cost Management Metrics

The AWS/Billing namespace includes the following metrics.

Metric Description


The estimated charges for your AWS usage. This can either be estimated charges for one service or a roll-up of estimated charges for all services.

Dimensions for AWS Billing and Cost Management Metrics

Billing and Cost Management supports filtering metrics by the following dimensions.

Dimension Description


The name of the AWS service. This dimension is omitted for the total of estimated charges across all services.


The linked account number. This is used for consolidated billing only. This dimension is included only for accounts that are linked to a separate paying account in a consolidated billing relationship. It is not included for accounts that are not linked to a consolidated billing paying account.


The monetary currency to bill the account. This dimension is required.

Unit: USD