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Amazon CloudSearch Metrics and Dimensions

Amazon CloudSearch sends metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. For more information, see Monitoring an Amazon CloudSearch Domain with Amazon CloudWatch in the Amazon CloudSearch Developer Guide.

Amazon CloudSearch Metrics

The AWS/CloudSearch namespace includes the following metrics.

Metric Description


The number of search requests successfully processed by a search instance.

Units: Count

Valid statistics: Maximum, Sum


The number of searchable documents in the domain's search index.

Units: Count

Valid statistics: Maximum


The percentage of the search instance's index capacity that has been used. The Maximum value indicates the percentage of the domain's index capacity that has been used.

Units: Percent

Valid statistics: Average, Maximum


The number of partitions the index is distributed across.

Units: Count

Valid statistics: Minimum, Maximum

Dimensions for Amazon CloudSearch Metrics

Amazon CloudSearch sends the ClientId and DomainName dimensions to CloudWatch.

Dimension Description


The AWS account ID.


The name of the search domain.