Internet Monitor cross-account observability - Amazon CloudWatch

Internet Monitor cross-account observability

With Internet Monitor cross-account observability, you can monitor your applications that span multiple AWS accounts within a single AWS Region.

You can use Amazon CloudWatch Observability Access Manager to set up one or more of your AWS accounts as a monitoring account. You’ll provide the monitoring account with the ability to view data in your source account by creating a sink in your monitoring account. A sink is a resource that represents an attachment point in a monitoring account. For Internet Monitor, the resource attachment point is a monitor. You use the sink to create a link from your source account to your monitoring account. For more information, see CloudWatch cross-account observability.

Required resources

For proper functionality of CloudWatch Application Insights cross-account observability, ensure that the following telemetry types are shared through the CloudWatch Observability Access Manager.

  • Monitors in Internet Monitor

  • Metrics in Amazon CloudWatch

  • Log groups in Amazon CloudWatch Logs