Amazon CloudWatch
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CloudWatch Dashboard Permissions Update

On May 1, 2018, the permissions required to access CloudWatch dashboards will change. Currently, the cloudwatch:GetMetricData permission is required to view CloudWatch dashboards, and the cloudwatch:PutMetricData permission is required to create or modify dashboards. Beginning on May 1, dashboard access in the CloudWatch console will instead require newer permissions that were introduced in 2017 to support dashboard API operations:

  • cloudwatch:GetDashboard

  • cloudwatch:ListDashboards

  • cloudwatch:PutDashboard

  • cloudwatch:DeleteDashboards

To check whether you will have access to CloudWatch dashboards after the change, choose Check permissions in update messages in the CloudWatch console. If that check shows that you will not have these permissions after the update, you should use the IAM console to fix your permissions before May 1.

To retain access to CloudWatch dashboards, you need one of the following:

  • The AdministratorAccess policy.

  • The CloudWatchFullAccess policy.

  • A custom policy that includes one or more of these specific permissions:

    • cloudwatch:GetDashboard and cloudwatch:ListDashboards to be able to view dashboards

    • cloudwatch:PutDashboard to be able to create or modify dashboards

    • cloudwatch:DeleteDashboards to be able to delete dashboards

For more information for changing permissions for an IAM user using policies, see Changing Permissions for an IAM User.

For more information about CloudWatch permissions, see Amazon CloudWatch Permissions Reference.

For more information about dashboard API operations, see PutDashboard in the Amazon CloudWatch API Reference.