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AWS Key Management Service Metrics and Dimensions

When you use AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) to import key material into a customer master key (CMK) and set it to expire, AWS KMS sends metrics and dimensions to CloudWatch. For more information, see Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch in the AWS Key Management Service Developer Guide.

AWS KMS Metrics

The AWS/KMS namespace includes the following metrics.


This metric tracks the number of seconds remaining until imported key material expires. This metric is valid only for CMKs whose origin is EXTERNAL and whose key material is or was set to expire. The most useful statistic for this metric is Minimum, which tells you the smallest amount of time remaining for all data points in the specified statistic period. The only valid unit for this metric is Seconds.

Use this metric to track the amount of time that remains until your imported key material expires. When that amount of time falls below a threshold that you define, you might want to take action such as reimporting the key material with a new expiration date. You can create a CloudWatch alarm to notify you when that happens. For more information, see Creating CloudWatch Alarms to Monitor AWS KMS Metrics in the AWS Key Management Service Developer Guide.

Dimensions for AWS KMS Metrics

AWS KMS metrics use the AWS/KMS namespace and have only one valid dimension: KeyId. You can use this dimension to view metric data for a specific CMK or set of CMKs.