Deleting a Canary - Amazon CloudWatch

Deleting a Canary

When you delete a canary, resources used and created by the canary are not automatically deleted. After you delete a canary that you do not intend to use again, you should also delete the following:

  • Lambda functions and layers used by this canary. Their prefix is cwsyn-MyCanaryName.

  • CloudWatch alarms created for this canary. These alarms have a name of Synthetics-Alarm-MyCanaryName. For more information about deleting alarms, see Editing or Deleting a CloudWatch Alarm.

  • Amazon S3 objects and buckets, such as the canary's results location and artifact location.

  • IAM roles created for the canary. These have the name role/service-role/CloudWatchSyntheticsRole-MyCanaryName.

  • Log groups in CloudWatch Logs created for the canary. These logs groups have the following names: /aws/lambda/cwsyn-MyCanaryName.

Before you delete a canary, you might want to view the canary details and make note of this information. That way, you can delete the correct resources after you delete the canary.