Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

The Application Activation Page


Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

Depending on the type of product you have and how you design your system, you might need to prompt your customers to provide you the activation key. Customers might not have the activation key, so you should point them to the activate URL ( to get one. The activate URL goes to the Application Activation page. Following is an example.

					Application Activation Page

The top part of the page has instructions for generating an activation key. The bottom part shows a list of the DevPay products the customer has purchased. The key is associated with a specific DevPay product, so the customer must generate a key for the appropriate product. If you try using the License Service with an activation key for another product, you get an error.

What happens to the key after the customer generates it depends on your system. This page instructs the customer to click the Go to Application link on the right side of the page. That link goes to the redirect URL you provided when you registered the product with DevPay (for more information, see Registering Your Product). We automatically append the activation key and product code to the redirect URL as query parameters, so if your system is set up to retrieve those values programmatically, then the customer just needs to click that link. Alternately, your system might need the customer to paste the key somewhere. If the location is not the destination of the redirect URL, then you need to make it clear to the customer where to paste the activation key.