Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Customer Experience


Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

Your customers' experience of your product can be divided into three categories:

  • Their experience at sign-up

  • Their general experience at any time when using the product

  • Their experience monthly when they are billed


When customers buy your product and are later billed for using it, they deal entirely with Amazon Payments, and not Amazon DevPay. Your customers receive no direct exposure to Amazon DevPay. Therefore, you do not need to point your customers to the Amazon DevPay documentation or information for any reason.

At Sign Up

At the time of sign-up, there are two aspects of the customer's experience: the sign-up process and billing confirmation (if your product has up-front charges).

Sign-Up Process

The following figure and table describe the customers' experience during sign-up.

							Customer experience at sign-up

Process for Signing Up


The customer clicks the sign-up link for your product and is sent to a specific sign-up page provided by DevPay and branded with Amazon Payments. For example pages of this flow, see Appendix: The Customer Purchase Experience.


The customer is prompted to log in using an login.


The customer views your product's information and pricing.


The customer signs up for your product. After the product purchase, the confirmation page displays an activation key. The customers are redirected to your web site (to a URL you specify to DevPay when you register your product) for instructions on using the product.


If the product is an Amazon EC2 paid AMI:

  1. Depending on how you implement your system, your system might need the activation key. You can prompt the customer for the activation key or get it programmatically as described later in this guide.

  2. The customer can then use the paid AMI.


If the product is an Amazon S3 product:

  1. The customer downloads and installs your desktop product or uses your web product.

  2. Your Amazon S3 product requires the activation key. The product prompts the customer for the key (for desktop products) or gets the key programmatically (for web products) and then uses the key to activate itself. Once activated, the product is ready to use at any time. For additional information about how customers use your product, see Customer Access Stored Data.

Billing Confirmation

If your product has a one-time sign-up fee, a monthly fee, or both, your customers are billed accordingly at the time of sign-up. They each receive an e-mail from Amazon Payments confirming the sign-up charge (for more information, see When the Customer Signs Up to Use Your Product).

At Any Time

At any time, customers can use the product and also view their usage and billing information. The following figure and table describe the process for the latter.

						Customer experience when viewing usage and billing information

Process for Viewing Usage and Billing Information


The customer goes to your web site and clicks the link you provide for managing the product.


The customer is prompted to log in using an login.


The customer views the Application Billing page (for more information, see Where Customers Get Information About Their Bills).

Customers can cancel at any time. For more information, see Customer Cancellation.

You might decide to change the price of your product at any time. For more information about how this affects customers, see Your Customers' Experience of a Price Change.


Customers are billed monthly (for more information, see When Customers Are Billed) and receive monthly e-mails from Amazon Payments showing the billing amount (for more information, see When the Customer Is Billed Each Month).