Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Your Amazon Payments Account


Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

This section discusses your Amazon Payments account, and how you get and prepare it for use with Amazon DevPay. Your Amazon Payments account is the account that receives the payments from your DevPay customers. For more information about Amazon Payments, see What Is Amazon Payments?.

Getting Your Account

Each time you register a product with DevPay, we check to see if the login you used to register the product has an Amazon Payments Business Account associated with it. If it doesn't, we create one for that login during product registration. If the login has some other type of Amazon Payments account associated with it, we upgrade that account to an Amazon Payments Business Account during product registration. Upgrading is a simple process that requires you to answer a few questions about your business.

If we create a new Amazon Payments account for you, Amazon Payments automatically sends you an e-mail message about the account. Before you can use the account or DevPay, you must click the link Amazon Payments provides inside that e-mail to verify your e-mail address.

To verify your e-mail address

  1. Check for a message that Amazon Payments has sent to the login e-mail address.

  2. Click the link in the e-mail message.

That's all you need to do. Now you can go to Amazon Payments at to access your account. Note that you will receive regular e-mails directly from Amazon Payments about the account.

Adding and Verifying Your Bank Account

This section describes how to add a bank account to your Amazon Payments account and then verify that bank account. You're not required to do this to use DevPay. It's only required if one or both of the following apply:

  • You want to withdraw money from your Amazon Payments account

  • You expect to receive more than a total of $10,000 per month from all your DevPay customers (your account has a limit on it until you verify the bank account)

Note that the bank account verification process can take up to 7 days.


If you already had an Amazon Payments account before you started using DevPay, then you might already have a verified bank account associated with your Amazon Payments account.

To add and verify your bank account

  1. Go to Amazon Payments at

  2. Log in to your account and click Add a Bank Account.

  3. Follow the instructions presented to you to add a bank account to your Amazon Payments account.

  4. Follow the instructions presented to you to verify the bank account.

For more information about any hold periods or limits that might apply to your Amazon Payments account, refer to the Amazon Payments site.

Your Amazon Payments Balance

You can get your Amazon Payments account balance by going to either Amazon Payments at or your DevPay Activity page at For information about what you can do at your DevPay Activity page, see Your DevPay Activity Page.

Two different balances are displayed:

  • Your total Amazon Payments balance (which includes credit or debit transactions that are not yet completed)

  • The amount available for immediate withdrawal

You can withdraw money from your account by going to either Amazon Payments or your Amazon DevPay Activity page. For more information about withdrawing money, see Your DevPay Activity Page. Keep in mind that before you can withdraw money from your Amazon Payments account, you must have a verified bank account associated with it (for more information, see Adding and Verifying Your Bank Account).

Your Transaction History

Along with the account balance, Amazon Payments also displays your account's transaction history, which is a list of all the individual transactions involving the account (whether they're related to DevPay or not).

Your Amazon DevPay Activity page has a DevPay transaction history, which is different from your Amazon Payments transaction history. The DevPay transaction history includes only the transactions related to your DevPay products, and each day's charges or deposits are rolled up into one charge or deposit per day. For example, if you have ten different deposits from DevPay customers on a given day, the DevPay transaction history shows a single deposit that is the sum of those ten. If you want to see the individual transaction information for each of the ten deposits, you can find it in the Amazon Payments transaction history. For an example of the page and the type of entries you might see in the DevPay transaction history, see Appendix: Example DevPay Activity Pages.

The Amazon Payments balance displayed might not reconcile perfectly with the DevPay transaction history. This can be for two reasons:

  • You can use the account for reasons other than DevPay

  • Some of the transactions in the DevPay transaction history can involve your credit card

Why would your credit card be involved? When we charge you each month (as discussed in subsequent sections), we first try to collect the money from your Amazon Payments account. If the balance is insufficient, we charge the remaining amount to your credit card. The charge to your credit card is included in the DevPay transaction history, but it doesn't affect your Amazon Payments balance.


When we charge you each month, we send you an e-mail. The e-mail doesn't state which account or accounts we charged. We also don't inform you if the Amazon Payments account balance was insufficient. We do, however, contact you if we're unable to charge your credit card.