Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Registering Your Product


Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

The Amazon DevPay Getting Started Guide discusses the steps you follow to use DevPay. One of these steps is registering your product with DevPay. During registration, you provide product information such as pricing, and you receive information you need to sell your product. The information that follows explains the steps to registering a product.


AWS must approve your product after you register it. The approval process typically occurs within one business day. During that time you can begin integrating your product with DevPay.

The process of product registration and approval does not make your product visible to the world. Customers can't sign up for it until you advertise the purchase URL (which is where customers sign up). AWS doesn't automatically advertise your product or purchase URL anywhere. For more information about advertising, see Advertising Your Product.

You provide the following information during registration:

  • Company name

  • Product name

  • Product description (as you want your customers to see it)

  • Redirect URL (the page you want customers to see after they have purchased the product)

  • Any terms and conditions you want displayed (optional)

  • Contact e-mail address and telephone number (to be used by AWS and not displayed to customers)

  • Contact e-mail or URL (to be displayed to customers)

  • Pricing for use of the product

The information you display at the redirect URL might vary depending on the type of product. For an Amazon EC2 AMI, you might display information about the AMI. For an Amazon Simple Storage Service desktop product, you might display information about downloading and installing the product. For an Amazon S3 web product, you might display a link taking customers to the site for your product.

Because registration is an important process, the following procedure includes Example links for many of the steps. Each link takes you to an example web page for that step in the registration process. In the example pages, we register a fictional product called ABC AMI with DevPay.


To see the whole set of example pages from start to finish instead of jumping to each one individually in the following procedure, see Appendix: Product Registration Flow.

To register your product

  1. Decide which AWS developer account you want to use to register your product.

    We recommend you create a new AWS developer account and use it for all DevPay products you create. Use a business e-mail address as the login for this account (an address not associated with a specific person).

  2. Go to and click the sign-up button.

    Make sure to create the new AWS developer account with the business e-mail address you determined in the previous step.

  3. If you are prompted, provide the information required to create an Amazon Payments Business Account.

    You're only prompted to do this if you don't already have this type of Amazon Payments account. For more information, see Your Amazon Payments Account.


  4. Provide the DevPay product information:

    1. Enter the basic product information (your company's name, the product's name, etc.) and click Continue.


    2. Select which AWS service the product uses (Amazon EC2 or Amazon S3).

      If you select Amazon EC2, also select the check boxes for the regions and instance types you want the product to cover (for more information, see Set Up Your Product's Configuration and Price).


    3. Click Continue.

  5. Provide the price for your product:

    We recommend you read the sections of this guide about product pricing and fees so you understand the implications of the price you choose (for more information, see How Do You Set Your Product's Price?). You can change your product's price later (for more information, see Changing Pricing).

    1. Read the first page (which gives an overview of DevPay pricing) and click Continue.


    2. Enter any usage-based charges you want to include and click Continue.

      For the usage-based charges, you can set tiered prices (for more information, see Tiered Usage-Based Pricing).


    3. Enter any one-time sign-up charges and recurring monthly charges you want to include and click Continue.


    4. Review your overall product pricing, make any changes you want, and click Continue.


    5. Enter any price descriptions you want to include (to give customers additional details about each of the charges) and click Continue.


  6. Confirm the information you've provided:

    1. On the Confirmation page, review the information you've provided.


    2. Preview what we will display to your customers by clicking Preview Order Page at the bottom of the page.


    3. Click Return to Previous to go back to the Confirmation page.

    4. Make any changes you want, and when you're satisfied with the information, on the Confirmation page click Register Product.

      A Thank You page is displayed.


    The product approval process typically occurs within one business day. During the approval process, you can begin integrating your product with DevPay.

  7. On the Thank You page, click the link that refers to visiting your product details page.

    The product details page for your product is displayed. This page contains all the information about your product. For an example of the page, see Product Details Page. At the top are the product code, the product token, and the purchase URL, items you need when integrating with DevPay. You can return to this page at any time by going to your DevPay Activity page (at and clicking View Product Details.

  8. If we created an Amazon Payments Business Account for you during product registration and the Thank You page alerts you, verify your e-mail address with Amazon Payments:

    1. Check for a message that Amazon Payments has sent to the e-mail address you used as the login when you registered the DevPay product.

    2. Click the link in the e-mail message.

      You've verified your e-mail address.


    You can't use Amazon DevPay or Amazon Payments until you verify your e-mail address with Amazon Payments.


If we created an Amazon Payments Business Account for you during product registration, you might need to associate a bank account with your Amazon Payments account and verify the bank account. You must do this if you expect to make more than $10,000 total each month from all your DevPay customers, or if you want to withdraw money from your Amazon Payments account. For instructions, see Adding and Verifying Your Bank Account.