Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Using Both a Desktop and Web Product


Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

You can create a desktop version of your product, a web version of your product, or both. The web version can be a regular web application with a full user interface, or it can be just a web server that performs the functions you need.

Why would you have both a desktop and web version? Some Amazon S3 features are designed to work with DevPay web products and not desktop products, such as the POST feature and query string authentication. If you have a desktop product but still want to use those features, we recommend you also create a web application or web server to handle them.

Keep the following in mind if you have both a desktop product and web product:

  • You use the same product code and product token with both the desktop product and web product

  • When customers purchase your product, their subscription covers use of both versions

  • You must activate each customer twice: once for the desktop version, and once for the web version (the web version can use an automatic redirect that requires no customer interaction)

  • The desktop and web products receive different credentials to make Amazon S3 calls for the customer