Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)



Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

To integrate your web product with Amazon DevPay, you must have the following items:

  • The purchase URL, product code, and product token for your product, which you receive during product registration. Make sure to associate the product code with the product token in your system, so you can use the product code to look up the product token. For information about product registration, see Registering Your Product.

  • Your AWS Secret Access Key and accompanying Access Key ID. You'll be using these credentials to authenticate requests for the License Service and Amazon Simple Storage Service. You received the AWS Secret Access Key and Access Key ID when you registered with Amazon Web Services as a developer. For more information, see Your AWS Access Credentials.