Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Verification of the Customer's Subscription Status


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When a customer contacts your company for support, the customer service representative might want to verify whether the customer is still subscribed to your web product (customers can cancel use of your product at any time). This information is available from AWS programmatically. This section describes how your system gets the information.

Process for Verifying the Customer's Subscription Status


The first time the customer goes to your web product in a browser and logs in to use it, your product goes through an activation process (for more information, see Web Product Activation). As part of this process, the product obtains an activation key for the customer and requests ActivateHostedProduct.


The response from ActivateHostedProduct includes a persistent identifier (PID) for the customer. Your product stores the PID.


Later, when your customer support representative needs to verify the status of the customer's subscription, the representative looks up the PID. Your system makes a request to VerifyProductSubscriptionByPid with the PID and the product code for the product in question. The action's response indicates whether the customer is currently subscribed or has canceled use of your product.


The PID represents the relationship between you (the product owner) and the customer. Even if a customer buys 10 different products from you, you have only one PID for that customer.