Amazon DevPay
Developer Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Document Conventions


Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

This section lists the common typographical and symbol use conventions for AWS technical publications.

Typographical Conventions

This section describes common typographical use conventions.

Convention Description/Example


A call-out is a number in the body text to give you a visual reference. The reference point is for further discussion elsewhere.

You can use this resource regularly.

Code in text

Inline code samples (including XML) and commands are identified with a special font.

You can use the command java -version.

Code blocks

Blocks of sample code are set apart from the body and marked accordingly.

# ls -l /var/www/html/index.html -rw-rw-r-- 1 root root 1872 Jun 21 09:33 /var/www/html/index.html # date Wed Jun 21 09:33:42 EDT 2006


Unusual or important words and phrases are marked with a special font.

You must sign up for an account before you can use the service.

Internal cross references

References to a section in the same document are marked.

See Document Conventions.

Logical values, constants, and regular expressions, abstracta

A special font is used for expressions that are important to identify, but are not code.

If the value is null, the returned response will be false.

Product and feature names

Named AWS products and features are identified on first use.

Create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).


In-text references to operations.

Use the GetHITResponse operation.


In-text references to parameters.

The operation accepts the parameter AccountID.

Response elements

In-text references to responses.

A container for one CollectionParent and one or more CollectionItems.

Technical publication references

References to other AWS publications. If the reference is hyperlinked, it is also underscored.

For detailed conceptual information, see the Amazon Mechanical Turk Developer Guide.

User entered values

A special font marks text that the user types.

At the password prompt, type MyPassword.

User interface controls and labels

Denotes named items on the UI for easy identification.

On the File menu, click Properties.


When you see this style, you must change the value of the content when you copy the text of a sample to a command line.

% ec2-register <your-s3-bucket>/image.manifest

See also the following symbol convention.

Symbol Conventions

This section describes the common use of symbols.

Convention Symbol Description/Example

Mutually exclusive parameters

(Parentheses | and | vertical | bars)

Within a code description, bar separators denote options from which one must be chosen.

% data = hdfread (start | stride | edge)

Optional parameters

XML variable text

[square brackets]

Within a code description, square brackets denote completely optional commands or parameters.

% sed [-n, -quiet]

Use square brackets in XML examples to differentiate them from tags.



<arrow brackets>

Within a code sample, arrow brackets denote a variable that must be replaced with a valid value.

% ec2-register <your-s3-bucket>/image.manifest