Amazon DevPay
Getting Started Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)

Where Do You Go From Here?


Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

Now that you've read through this guide, you have a good idea of the main tasks you need to perform to use Amazon DevPay, and where to go in the Amazon DevPay Developer Guide for more information and instructions. This section describes the next steps we recommend you take.

Register a Product

If you want to jump right in, you can go ahead and register a product with DevPay. This will give you direct experience with pricing a product. You can change any aspect of your product (the name, price, etc.) after it's registered, so you don't need to have all that final information now. For instructions on registering a product, go to "Registering Your Product" in the Amazon DevPay Developer Guide.

After you complete the registration, your purchase URL is available. The aforementioned "Registering Your Product" topic tells you how to get your purchase URL. The URL is the link customers click to purchase your product. Note that the purchase URL is not live yet, and it hasn't been published anywhere. The URL doesn't become functional until AWS reviews and approves your product (a process that takes a few business days; you get an e-mail when the product is approved). Even after the URL becomes functional, only you know about the URL. AWS does not list it anywhere publicly. So only you can sign up for your product at this point. When you're ready to sell the product, then you (and not AWS) advertise the URL.

We recommend you use the purchase URL and buy your own product. This lets you see what the purchase experience is like for your customers.

Sign Up for Demo Products

If you want to see other products' purchase pipelines, there are two demonstration DevPay products you can purchase. One is for an Amazon EC2 demo paid AMI, and the other is for an Amazon S3 demo application.

For information about the demo paid AMI, go to the article "Using Paid AMIs and the Demo Paid AMI" on the AWS web site. It includes a link to a demo paid AMI. The demo paid AMI costs $0.11 per instance-hour consumed, $0.11 per GB data transfer in, and $0.20 per GB data transfer out. There is no monthly charge or one-time charge for it.

For information about the demo Amazon S3 application, see About the Sample Code. You can sign up for the demo application without actually downloading and using it. To only sign up for it, click its purchase URL. The product has a $0.35 sign-up charge and a monthly recurring charge of $0.35. When you sign up, you are charged accordingly. If you want to actually get and use the demo application, you must download one of the DevPay sample code packages. The package includes the application (called "the shell program") and a ReadMe file that has instructions for using the program. If you use it, you're charged according to the prices shown when you signed up for the product.

When you sign up for one of these demos, you're signing up for a real DevPay product that costs money (albeit a small amount). If you use the demo paid AMI or application after signing up for it, your credit card will be charged accordingly for the usage. You'll get a separate monthly bill that covers all the DevPay products you've bought (including your own DevPay products, if you've bought any). You can view information about the products by going to your Application Billing page at Each of your customers receives their own application billing page like this where they manage all the DevPay products they've bought.

We recommend you use the following procedure to cancel your subscription to the demo after you're done trying it out.


If you store any data in Amazon S3 when using the demo Amazon S3 application, you won't be able to access that data in Amazon S3 after you cancel your subscription to the demo product. For information about why, go to Customer Access to Data Stored by Your Amazon S3 Product in the Amazon DevPay Developer Guide.

To cancel a subscription to a DevPay product

  1. Go to your Application Billing page at

  2. Log in with the login and password you used when you signed up for the demo product.

  3. Click View/Cancel Application for the product you want to cancel.

    You are then prompted to confirm the cancellation.

  4. Click Cancel this Application.

If the demo product has a monthly fee, AWS refunds you the unused portion of that monthly fee.

Read the Forum

We recommend you look at the DevPay forum to get an idea of what other users are doing and questions they've had. This will help you further understand what you can and can't do with Amazon DevPay.

Look at Other Available Sample Code

If you're building a DevPay product that uses Amazon S3, you're already aware of the sample code that goes with this guide (for more information, see About the Sample Code). You can look at any other sample code that's available from the Sample Code and Libraries page.