Amazon DevPay
Getting Started Guide (API Version 2007-12-01)



Amazon DevPay is not accepting new seller accounts at this time. Please see AWS Marketplace for information on selling your applications on Amazon Web Services.

Amazon DevPay is an easy-to-use online billing and account management service that makes it easy for you to sell an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud AMI or an application built on the Amazon Simple Storage Service.

This is the Amazon DevPay Getting Started Guide. This section describes who should read this guide, how the guide is organized, and other resources related to Amazon DevPay.

For a description of changes in this release of the Amazon DevPay Getting Started Guide, see Document History.

How Do I...?

The typical getting started guide for AWS services shows how to use commands or create code in several programming languages to access the service. Because Amazon DevPay uses a web service but isn't a web service itself, this getting started guide is different. It instead discusses the general steps required to use DevPay. We recommend you use the guide to help you understand what is required at a high level and plan for your integration (for specific details, see the Amazon DevPay Developer Guide). After reading the guide, you should understand the major parts of your system that will be affected and the types of resources you need to move forward.

The guide is divided into the following major sections:

"What is Amazon DevPay?" briefly describes DevPay and why you would use it.

"The Steps to Using DevPay" summarizes the overall process you follow to use DevPay. The specific details of the individual tasks are covered in the Amazon DevPay Developer Guide. We list the relevant sections in that guide that you should read when performing each task.

"Amazon S3 Example" first gives an overview of how an Amazon S3 application works with DevPay. The section then discusses the specific changes necessary for an Amazon S3 application, using sample code in Java, C++, and Ruby. We don't include example code for an Amazon EC2 AMI because no coding is required to make an AMI work with DevPay (and the technical details are covered completely in the Amazon DevPay Developer Guide).

"Where You Go From Here" describes what we recommend you do next to get even more familiar with Amazon DevPay.

Showing Your Preferred Programming Language

In the HTML version of this guide, you can hide the sections that don't apply to the programming language you are using. There is a language selection menu in the upper-right corner of pages with language-specific text. Select your language to hide all others, or select All to show the examples in all available languages.

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