Using the Amazon ECR Public Gallery - Amazon ECR Public

Using the Amazon ECR Public Gallery

The Amazon ECR Public Gallery is a public website to find and share container images hosted in Amazon ECR public repositories. There is no authentication required to browse the public repositories and pull the images. Visit the Amazon ECR Public Gallery at

Amazon ECR users create public repositories and define the catalog data that appears in the Amazon ECR Public Gallery. The catalog data includes the repository name, a short description, a more detailed description on the About tab, and detailed usage instructions on the Usage tab. AWS accounts that publish popular or commonly used images can request a Verified account badge by contacting support. For more information, see Creating a support case.

The Amazon ECR Public Gallery provides search filters that make it easy to browse through the public repositories. The available search filters include verified accounts, supported operating systems, and system architectures. You can also use the search option to find a specific repository.

You can launch some Amazon ECR Public Gallery container images as web services running on AWS App Runner. When browsing the gallery, look for Launch to AWS App Runner on an image's gallery page. An image with this option is a web application that App Runner supports. For more information, see Launch an App Runner service directly from the Amazon ECR Public Gallery in the App Runner developer guide.

To get started with creating your own public repository, see Getting started with Amazon ECR Public.