Troubleshooting Image Scanning Issues - Amazon ECR

Troubleshooting Image Scanning Issues

The following are common image scan failures. You can view errors like this in the Amazon ECR console by displaying the image details or through the API or AWS CLI by using the DescribeImageScanFindings API.


You may get an UnsupportedImageError error when attempting to scan an image that was built using an operating system that Amazon ECR doesn't support image scanning for. Amazon ECR supports package vulnerability scanning for major versions of Amazon Linux, Amazon Linux 2, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Alpine, and RHEL Linux distributions. Once a distribution loses support from its vendor, Amazon ECR may no longer support scanning it for vulnerabilities. Amazon ECR does not support scanning images built from the Docker scratch image.

An UNDEFINED severity level is returned

You may receive a scan finding that has a severity level of UNDEFINED. The following are the common causes for this:

  • The vulnerability was not assigned a priority by the CVE source.

  • The vulnerability was assigned a priority that Amazon ECR did not recognize.

To determine the severity and description of a vulnerability, you can view the CVE directly from the source.