Configuring private image replication in Amazon ECR - Amazon ECR

Configuring private image replication in Amazon ECR

Configure replication per Region for your private registry. You can configure cross-Region replication or cross-account replication.

For examples of how replication is commonly used, see Private image replication examples for Amazon ECR.

  1. Open the Amazon ECR console at

  2. From the navigation bar, choose the Region to configure your registry replication settings for.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Private registry.

  4. On the Private registry page, on the Replication section, choose Edit.

  5. On the Replication page, choose Add replication rule.

  6. On the Destination types page, choose whether to enable cross-Region replication, cross-account replication, or both and then choose Next.

  7. If cross-Region replication is enabled, then for Configure destination regions, choose one or more Destination regions and then choose Next.

  8. If cross-account replication is enabled, then for Cross-account replication, choose the cross-account replication setting for the registry. For Destination account, enter the account ID for the destination account and one or more Destination regions to replicate to. Choose Destination account + to configure additional accounts as replication destinations.


    For cross-account replication to occur, the destination account must configure a registry permissions policy to allow replication to occur. For more information, see Private registry permissions in Amazon ECR.

  9. (Optional) On the Add filters page, specify one or more filters for the replication rule and then choose Add. Repeat this step for each filter you want to associate with the replication action. A filter must be specified as a repository name prefix. If no filters are added, the contents of all repositories are replicated. Choose Next once all filters have been added.

  10. On the Review and submit page, review the replication rule configuration and then choose Submit rule.

  1. Create a JSON file containing the replication rules to define for your registry. A replication configuration may contain up to 10 rules, with up to 25 unique destinations across all rules and 100 filters per each rule. To configure cross-Region replication within your own account, you specify your own account ID. For more examples, see Private image replication examples for Amazon ECR.

    { "rules": [{ "destinations": [{ "region": "destination_region", "registryId": "destination_accountId" }], "repositoryFilters": [{ "filter": "repository_prefix_name", "filterType": "PREFIX_MATCH" }] }] }
  2. Create a replication configuration for your registry.

    aws ecr put-replication-configuration \ --replication-configuration file://replication-settings.json \ --region us-west-2
  3. Confirm your registry settings.

    aws ecr describe-registry \ --region us-west-2