Viewing the contents and details of a private repository in Amazon ECR - Amazon ECR

Viewing the contents and details of a private repository in Amazon ECR

After you created a private repository, you can view details about the repository in the AWS Management Console:

  • Which images are stored in a repository

  • Details about each image stored in the repository, including the size and SHA digest for each image

  • The scan frequency specified for the contents of the repository

  • Whether the repository has an active pull through cache rule associated with it

  • The encryption setting for the repository


Starting with Docker version 1.9, the Docker client compresses image layers before pushing them to a V2 Docker registry. The output of the docker images command shows the uncompressed image size. Therefore, keep in mind that Docker might return a larger image than the image shown in the AWS Management Console.

To view repository information (AWS Management Console)
  1. Open the Amazon ECR console at

  2. From the navigation bar, choose the Region that contains the repository to view.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Repositories.

  4. On the Repositories page, choose the Private tab and then the repository to view.

  5. On the repository detail page, the console defaults to the Images view. Use the navigation menu to view other information about the repository.

    • Choose Summary to view the repository details and pull count data for the repository.

    • Choose Images to view information about the image tags in the repository. To view more information about the image, select the image tag. For more information, see Viewing image details in Amazon ECR.

      If there are untagged images that you want to delete, you can select the box to the left of the repositories to delete and choose Delete. For more information, see Deleting an image in Amazon ECR.

    • Choose Permissions to view the repository policies that are applied to the repository. For more information, see Private repository policies in Amazon ECR.

    • Choose Lifecycle Policy to view the lifecycle policy rules that are applied to the repository. The lifecycle events history is also viewed here. For more information, see Automate the cleanup of images by using lifecycle policies in Amazon ECR.

    • Choose Tags to view the metadata tags that are applied to the repository.