Amazon ECR
User Guide (API Version 2015-09-21)

Retagging an Image with the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell

With Docker Image Manifest V2 Schema 2 images, you can use the -ImageTag option of the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell Get-ECRImage cmdlet to retag an existing image. You can retag without pulling or pushing the image with Docker. For larger images, this process saves a considerable amount of network bandwidth and time required to retag an image.

To retag an image with the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell

  1. Use the Get-ECRImageBatch cmdlet to get the description of the image to retag and write it to an environment variable. In this example, an image with the tag, latest, in the repository, amazonlinux, is written to the environment variable, $Image.


    If you don't have the Get-ECRImageBatch cmdlet available on your system, see Setting up the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell in the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell User Guide.

    $Image = Get-ECRImageBatch -ImageId @{ imageTag="latest" } -RepositoryName amazonlinux
  2. Write the manifest of the image to the $Manifest environment variable.

    $Manifest = $Image.Images[0].ImageManifest
  3. Use the -ImageTag option of the Write-ECRImage cmdlet to put the image manifest to Amazon ECR with a new tag. In this example, the image is tagged as 2017.09.

    Write-ECRImage -RepositoryName amazonlinux -ImageManifest $Manifest -ImageTag 2017.09
  4. Verify that your new image tag is attached to your image. In the output below, the image has the tags latest and 2017.09.

    Get-ECRImage -RepositoryName amazonlinux


    ImageDigest                                                             ImageTag
    -----------                                                             --------
    sha256:359b948ea8866817e94765822787cd482279eed0c17bc674a7707f4256d5d497 latest
    sha256:359b948ea8866817e94765822787cd482279eed0c17bc674a7707f4256d5d497 2017.09