Amazon Elastic Container Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2014-11-13)

ecs-cli configure migrate

Migrates a legacy configuration file (ECS CLI v0.6.6 and older) to the new configuration file format (ECS CLI v1.0.0 and later). The command prints a summary of the changes to be made and then asks for confirmation to proceed.


Some features described might only be available with the latest version of the Amazon ECS CLI. For more information about obtaining the latest version, see Installing the Amazon ECS CLI.


ecs-cli configure migrate [--force] [--help]


Name Description


Omits the interactive description and confirmation step that normally occurs during the configuration file migration.

Required: No

--help, -h

Shows the help text for the specified command.

Required: No



This example migrates the legacy Amazon ECS CLI configuration file to the new YAML format.

ecs-cli configure migrate

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