Amazon Elastic Container Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2014-11-13)

How to Launch the Latest Amazon ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux AMI


Amazon ECS vends Linux AMIs that are optimized for the service in two variants. The latest and recommended version is based on Amazon Linux 2. Amazon ECS also vends AMIs that are based on the Amazon Linux AMI, but we recommend that you migrate your workloads to the Amazon Linux 2 variant, as support for the Amazon Linux AMI will end no later than June 30, 2020. For more information, see Amazon ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux 2 AMI.

The following are several ways that you can launch the latest Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMI into your cluster:

  • The Amazon ECS console first-run wizard launches your container instances with the latest Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMI. For more information, see Getting Started with Amazon ECS using Fargate.

  • You can launch your container instances manually in the Amazon EC2 console by following the procedures in Launching an Amazon ECS Container Instance. You could also choose the EC2 console link in the table below that corresponds to your cluster's region.

  • You can retrieve the current Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMI programmatically using the SSM API. For more information, see Retrieving Amazon ECS-Optimized AMI Metadata.

  • Use the current Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMI ID below to launch your instance using the AWS CLI, the AWS SDKs, or an AWS CloudFormation template.

The current Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux AMI IDs by region are listed below for reference.

Region AMI Name AMI ID EC2 console link
us-east-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0307f7ccf6ea35750 Launch instance
us-east-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-045f1b3f87ed83659 Launch instance
us-west-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-01b70aea4161476b7 Launch instance
us-west-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0285183bbef6224bd Launch instance
eu-west-3 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0f4738fbeb53e6c3a Launch instance
eu-west-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-01bee3897bba49d78 Launch instance
eu-west-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0627e141ce928067c Launch instance
eu-central-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0eaa3baf6969912ba Launch instance
ap-northeast-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-00294948a592fc052 Launch instance
ap-northeast-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-05b296a384694dfa4 Launch instance
ap-southeast-2 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-02c73ee1100ce3e7a Launch instance
ap-southeast-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-050865a806e0dae53 Launch instance
ca-central-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-0f552e0a86f08b660 Launch instance
ap-south-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-01ef9f6a829ae3956 Launch instance
sa-east-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-084b1eee100c102ee Launch instance
us-gov-west-1 amzn-ami-2018.03.i-amazon-ecs-optimized ami-1dafcb7c Launch instance

For more information about previous versions and the corresponding Docker and Amazon ECS container agent versions, see Amazon ECS-Optimized Amazon Linux AMI Container Agent Versions.