Amazon ECS
User Guide for AWS Fargate (API Version 2014-11-13)

Using the Amazon ECS Command Line Interface

The Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) command line interface (CLI) provides high-level commands to simplify creating, updating, and monitoring clusters and tasks from a local development environment. The Amazon ECS CLI supports Docker Compose files, a popular open-source specification for defining and running multi-container applications. Use the ECS CLI as part of your everyday development and testing cycle as an alternative to the AWS Management Console.


At this time, the latest version of the Amazon ECS CLI only supports the major versions of Docker Compose file syntax versions 1, 2, and 3. The version specified in the compose file must be the string "1", "1.0", "2", "2.0", "3", or "3.0". Docker Compose minor versions are not supported.

The latest version of the Amazon ECS CLI is 1.17.0. For release notes, see Changelog.


The source code for the Amazon ECS CLI is available on GitHub. We encourage you to submit pull requests for changes that you would like to have included. However, Amazon Web Services does not currently support running modified copies of this software.