Amazon ECS
User Guide for AWS Fargate (API Version 2014-11-13)

Deleting a Cluster

If you are finished using a cluster, you can delete it. When you delete a cluster in the Amazon ECS console, the associated resources that are deleted with it vary depending on how the cluster was created. Step 5 of the following procedure changes based on that condition.

If your cluster was created with the console first-run experience described in Getting Started with Amazon ECS using Fargate after November 24, 2015, or the cluster creation wizard described in Creating a Cluster, then the AWS CloudFormation stack that was created for your cluster is also deleted when you delete your cluster.

To delete a cluster

  1. Open the Amazon ECS console at

  2. From the navigation bar, select the Region to use.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Clusters.

  4. On the Clusters page, select the cluster to delete.

  5. Choose Delete Cluster. You see a confirmation prompt.